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20 – Watt Solar Panel to fit Lithium Batteries only

Here we have a powerful 20 watt solar panel to charge a pair of Anatec Lithium batteries at once This

Anatec Lithium Batteries

A brand new Genuine pair of Anatec Lithium batteries NOTE: These are ONLY for the Anatec Catamaran Lithium/Brushless bait boat and NOT

Battery Pack to Fit any Toslon Finder TF500/TF640

Comprises of a small and compact 12 volt 1.2ah Lead Acid Battery. Charge time from mains only 3-4 hours. This

Deluxe Battery Charger for Catamaran & PAC Batteries

Finally a deluxe battery charger which protects your boat batteries from overcharge.   This clever device has been trialed and tested

Deluxe Handset Battery Charger

A great device which enables you to charge your handset battery pack out of the handset. Compatible with the Graupner

Heavy Duty Batteries for Catamaran/Mono

These are a pair of heavy duty bait boat batteries for all of the Anatec Catamaran bait boats. Heavy duty

LED Battery Tester

LED battery tester for checking the charge of a pair of boat batteries for the Anatec Catamaran and PAC boats.

Mains Battery Charger ‘UK’

Now in a UK plug! 15 volts — 2amp charges a pair of batteries at once in series circuit Charge

MC-12 Handset Battery Pack

Anatec handset battery pack for the MC-12 handset (not digital) Heavy Duty

PAC / Starter Boat Batteries

High Quality pair of PAC batteries with correct leads attached. These are the best quality as branded ”YUASA” if looked